Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Khalsa is forever! May Waheguru bless us all.

As I was reading about Ahmad Shah Abdali, and all of his ruthlessness in India, and about Marathas as to how they even imposed fines on Sikhs and Jats during their rule and all of the atrocities committed by so many rulers like Abdali. I start thinking how there have been so many ruthless kings and royals that came and went and hardly anybody visits their graves or memorials , but Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh remains alive and strong forever. Sometimes in everyday norm of things, we forget how precious the gift of Sikh beliefs and values have been throughout Sikh history and how they have been carried thru from generation to generations to this day, be it thru families traditions or thru the Gurdwaras or thru schools, thru libraries and internet computers and even thru the battlefields. I just love the picture at some sites of Sikh soldiers carrying Guru Granth Sahib thru the battlefield in World War I. It sends a very powerful and important message to Sikhs that they need to cherish their values and love the gift that Guru has given them. Whenever I see little boys and girls in their patkas, turbans, banas, salwaar kameezes, it just reminds me as to how the legacy and gift of Guru Gobind is being carried on. I may be dead today, but Khalsa will remain. It also makes me think of all of those countless volunteers inside and outside of Gurdwaras. I mean these sevadaars, granthis, kirtani Jathas, musicians, langar sevadaars, gutka teachers, Gurmukhi and Punjabi teachers, writers, teachers and so many others that are selflessly and compassionatley are so dedicated to putting countless hours to the keep the Khalsa alive and strong. With all of the chaos in the World right now, especially in the Middle East, and remembering our own Sikh history, I feel we as Sikhs are blessed at this time to have peace within our community and should use this time wisely to use our physical and financial energies towards creativity, arts, mathematical and scientific research and development, reading, writing, shastar vidya, media, Gurbani, poetry, and all other gyan in the World.


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