Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nanak Dukhia Sab Sansar!

As I am reading a Sikhnet story " In death, man is of no use", I am reminded of my humbling experience from last night while on a rare walk in a park. I had just put some clothes in washer and while they were being washed, I decided to go for a walk in the park near the building where we live in Bay Area, California. As I am on my 7th or 8th circle of the aprk, a man came from one of the sides saying "Sat Sri Akal Bhaji" and I kind of looked at him in surprise. "Tusi ethay rehnde ho" came another question from the man who looked almost homeless to me, drunk with shabby mehndi colored hair that are sticking up with sweater over T-shirt and army pants. I would not have thought him to be Punjabi except for his voice when he spoke. After talking for a while, he became tearful because he was longing to speak to a Punjabi. He told me he was an Amritdhari for 10 years in 1990s, hailed from Punjab and he was divorced in the 1990's. One of his sons goes to one of the University of California campuses. He he fell in a hole and hurt his back and gets State disability for his injuries. Then he says "Bhaji bhukh lagi" mere kol paise nahi. Now I have been here for almost 30 years, I have never seen a Punjabi bhra in this type of condition. A lot of emotions went thru from being sad at his condition, angry at him, his family and even our Sikh community. He mentioned that he has seen and met some Sikhs with nice BMW's but did not offer to buy him food. I do want to point out that he did not ask for money and did not beg from me to buy food. He actually showed me two dollars in his wallet. I bought him a burritto from a Mexican restaurant nearby and talked some more. We exchanged numbers and hope I can be of some help to him in the future and make some sense into him to get out of this condition. I had the waiter click a picture with him but would not share in a public forum here. But there are great lessons in life for me and hopefully others can learn from this type of experience. Like the story on Sikhnet, be useful here on this Earth, and time is not tomorrow or day after or next year or when you retire but now. And, It doesn't take a lot and even small conversation or help goes a long way.


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